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Denver wood roofs have been protecting Denver homes for centuries. Wood shingles are aesthetically pleasing and provide natural beauty. At one time, the vast majority of homes in America were protected with natural wood roof shingles.
Today, homeowners choose wood roofing for a variety of reasons — the traditional look, a desire to use natural materials, historic accuracy. Due to variations in the color, width and thickness of wood shakes and shingles, no two wood roofs are the same. With proper care and maintenance, a wood roof can provide attractive and reliable protection for your home.

Cedar is the most commonly used wood in North American these days for roofing. Cedar roofing comes in two varieties — shingles or shakes. A shingle is tapered and smooth on both surfaces. A shake is split to reveal the uneven natural grain of the wood on the face and is usually much thicker than a shingle.

Wood roofs are naturally beautiful and long lasting, provided the roof is designed and installed along very strict guidelines. Because Mother Nature is most unforgiving of this completely organic material, it is critical to demand the best design, the proper materials and full trained craftsmen. Denver Roofing companies provides all three elements for the successful construction of a wood shingled roof.

Wood Roof Repair in Denver Options

Wood shingle roofs should be inspected and maintained every 3-5 years. Your existing wood shingle roofs can be repaired repeatedly, which can add years of protection to your home. We can give you a full assessment of your roof’s condition and recommend options for keeping that great wood look for as long as possible.

Denver Roofing Contractors has been building, repairing and maintaining wood roofs for 40 years; we are confident we can take good care of your wood roof.

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